5 essential GMAT study tips every student must know

To do your best on the GMAT exam, you will not need magic tricks or secrets, but only a study plan and timely preparation. Studying well for GMAT will not only help you secure a good score on the test but also help you in building valuable skills for future studies. After the pre-planning as mentioned in the previous post, it’s time to costume up and take a deep dive into the ocean!

Time Table

Remember how as kids we used to make a timetable, stick it on the wall and forget its existence? Well this is some what like that, with just a tad bit of difference. Don’t stick it to your wall, stick it in your brain! There’s nothing better than having a chart out plan of days left for exam and topics to cover. Plan it in a way that you prioritize chapters and concepts that are your weaknesses. Not only will it help you increase efficiency in your studies but will also give you mind peace. A calm mind yields better results in an examination hall than a chaotic one.

Progress Brick upon Brick

Ever seen someone constructing the 10th floor of the building before even starting with the ground floor? This is the most common mistake that students usually commit, with an attitude of “If i can solve the most difficult question, then my entire concept is clear”. However appealing and short this method sounds, it will not really take you too far.

Start with easier questions in the beginning. But again, the definition of easy and difficult is relative to every individual. Be your own judge for questions according to the results obtained in the practice test that you took in the beginning. Master these questions before you move on to the next difficulty level.

Mix it up!

When you solve questions belonging to the same chapter at one time, you already know what kind of question or what concept type you’re gonna face ahead. Questions in GMAT are not so straightforward. They are such that would need multiple concepts to solve. So when you’re done with a set of concepts, it is advisable to mix up the questions for further practicing.

Read the questions properly.

Don’t just skim through the questions, make it a habit to read the questions thoroughly. At times the language of the question is tricky and you might end up selecting the wrong answer even when you were familiar with the concept.

Overshoot the target score!

Don’t overestimate the GMAT prep results. Students have been found experiencing an increase or decrease in their score by an average of 30 marks. Aim for the score that is 50 more than your target score. Keep practicing until you’ve reached your target!

But the most important thing of all is, don’t try to cover everything under the sun. Visit those problems that you think you know. You will be surprised by how many concepts we take for granted. Time every Practice session and every question that you solve, because a correct answer is as important as getting it in the right amount of time.

Hope this article helped you in building your confidence and develop a winning approach.

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