Four Myths about MS/MBA abroad

It is a tough decision whether to go abroad for post graduate studies, given limited resources, time and money.  It is indeed a long taxing process to apply abroad and a lot of prospective applicants feel bogged down while this process. Many do not move forward because they develop certain per-conceived notions which hold them back from moving through their application process.

Here are four common myths which hold people back from applying.

1.    “Unless I get into a top-ranked school, it would not be worth going”

This is the most common myth which people hold. A lot of people do not go ahead with a program abroad just because they think it is not from the top 20 list. This is a very big myth. It is not always about the ranking of the school that matters. There are plenty of examples of students who went to the top ranked schools but performed dismally and hence could not get their hands on lucrative job offers. On the contrary, there are plenty of examples of students who went to middle ranking schools, demonstrated above average performance and got their hands on lucrative job offers. Thus, one needs to come out of the ideal world of fancy university names, and understand that at the end, it all boils down to how much value you have added to yourself.

2. “Foreign education is a hefty expense and I cannot afford it”

This is again a very big myth that holds back a lot of Indians, especially from the middle class segment. The reality however is that foreign education can open gates for getting a masters degree with minimal personal expense or loan, the chances of which are abysmally low if considering masters from Indian colleges. It is not uncommon for people to get 100% scholarships and fee waiver in US universities. Moreover, you can find plenty of pocket money jobs in and around campus which can also help you cover your living expense. On the contrary, if you target Indian colleges, say for your MBA, you will end up spending Rs. 10 lakhs or more with no such opportunities. Hence, the catch here is applying and assessing what foreign schools have to offer to you. You always have the choice for Indian colleges, if you don’t find those admission offers attractive, but the key is applying.

3. “My undergrad academic record is not good enough and I won’t get accepted”

Universities do not always assess applicants on purely their academic records. If it were so, only toppers would have been getting accepted! The reality is that universities assess your application as an integrated whole and view a lot of other things like letters of recommendation, essays, the courses you took, internships, and work and life experience. Also, the older and further away you are from your undergraduate degree, the less important your previous grades will be. You can enrich your application by relevant work-ex, or taking up additional courses, degrees or diplomas, which demonstrate that you are serious about learning and excelling in your domain.

4. “I’m too old to get back to college”

This myth is more like an excuse, for the simple reason that there is no age-barrier when it comes to learning and there is no end to the process of learning! Statistics show that the average age of a grad school student in the US ranges between 28-30 years. In fact, institutions desire older students with work and life experience because of the value they add to the discipline being studied and discussions in the classroom. So if you are under the impression that there will be stigma attached to going to grad school as an older student, you are definitely getting it wrong! 

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