How to manage GRE/GMAT prep if you are a working professional?

GRE/GMAT are no easy going tests that can be taken lightly – both of them require thorough and adequate preparation. It is relatively easier to take out time for test prep when you are already a student, because you are already fixated in that momentum. However, with working professionals, things change a bit and it becomes relatively difficult to take out time for adequate test prep.

This post is for all such working professionals who are wondering how to manage their working hours and schedule to take out adequate time for test prep.

Make judicious use of your commute times

Commute times which people see as a hindrance and waste, can be turned into a favourable opportunity if only you use them wisely. You may use your travel time for brushing up on concepts or revising vocabulary. If you have joined a coaching for test prep, you can revise the portions taught in the classes while you commute. You can make use of flash cards for vocabulary while travelling or can maintain your own diary of vocabulary and revise them while commuting. One of the most effective ways to use your travel times for test prep is by listening to audio lectures and audio vocabulary tapes. 

Constant Practice/Revision at regular intervals

This may sound like a cliché but when you are a working professional, staying focussed becomes a bit difficult and you tend to forget soon the concepts and words you have learnt amidst your professional work. Thus, regular practice and revision becomes all the more important when you are a working professional.  You may take out a fixed amount of time at regular intervals for review and revision. For example, you can set aside an hour in every two days for reviewing and practicing the previous concepts. This will help you break the interia which working professionals often get trapped into when they venture back to studies. In addition to this, you must definitely take a practice test, say, each Sunday. 

Use good test prep applications

There is a wide proliferation of GRE/GMAT prep centric apps which you can use for your prep. For example, there are many apps specifically built for vocabulary enhancement for GRE/GMAT. Many apps help you in explanation of math concepts tested in the GRE/GMAT. It is wise to use these apps, since you can use them even while you are at work. All you need is your smartphone!

Invite other test aspirants for revision sessions

This is another effective way for you to stay focused and motivated in your test prep. If you have any friends also preparing for GRE/GMAT, you can set up your revision sessions with them – this will help you as well as them to spend some more time on preparation. Not only this, it will also help you monitor your progress viz a viz, the other person and is a good motivational booster.

These are a few small tips how can manage your GRE/GMAT preparation while working. At Skill Maestro, we have coached several GRE/GMAT aspirants who were working professionals and helped them dovetail their work schedules with their test prep. Almost all of them have got their admits to top universities even after tight work schedules. If you are also a working professional aspiring for GRE/GMAT, Skill Maestro wishes you all the best and welcomes you to interact with our test mentors.

We hope that this post cleared the essential differences between the GRE and the GMAT when making a choice to study abroad. Skill Maestro wishes you all the best for whichever option you think is more suitable for you!

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